Hi, I’m Mugwump. Isn’t it amazing how we live our lives? The first half of my life (25 years or so) I spent dreaming and planning the kind of life I would have as a “responsible adult”…becoming a wife and mother, the kind of work I might do.

The second half of my life (approximately another 25 years) I spent “living the dream”.  I became a wife, a mother…I held several different paying jobs. I raised my kids and my husband to be somewhat responsible adults themselves.

Now I’m a 50-something woman with grown children in the third half of my life, one for which I failed to make a plan. I live mostly by the seat of my pants, which is sometimes exciting but also sometimes disturbing. The dubious cast of characters who inhabit my world consists of: my sweet, long-suffering redheaded husband, Dsquared; my older daughter, Sissy (sometimes known as “The Queen”); my younger daughter, Sassy (aka “the Hypochondriac” or “Magellan”, you’ll find out why soon enough); and my stepson, Big JD. My grandcats, Jasper & Donovan also put in an occasional appearance, mainly for cuteness’ sake.

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