Monthly Archives: March 2012

Where’ve I Been?


I think I was kidnapped by the remodeling fairies. I’ve been over at the tiny house most days, working. It’s backbreaking work, but also very rewarding. Some days I’m amazed at how much we’ve accomplished and other days I despair that we will ever finish. Yesterday I tried to update my blog and I wanted to share pictures of our progress with you, but after multiple tries, I became very frustrated and had to give up. I can add ONE picture to the blog, ┬ábut every time I tried to add additional photos, my narrative would disappear! So, I will have to select my one picture with care. I’ll share it a little later.

Last week I bought myself a hammer, my first ever real tool that I bought just for me! I was pretty excited. On Sunday, we were working on the house together, and I told DsquareD that I had to keep pinching myself to make sure that it was true that I had my very own hammer!

We are nearly through with the demolition phase of our project and soon we will start the rebuilding! Once that begins, I think we will really see progress! Sassy has been helping us on the weekends and I expect the neighbors to start complaining soon. She plugs her iPod into her ears and sings herself hoarse!

I’m actually taking a break from the work for a couple/few days because my Carpal Tunnel is acting up from all the work pulling nails and staples out of the floor.

The other thing I’m procrastinating about (other than blogging, that is) is picking out flooring for the new bathroom. DsquareD wants me to go and pick out the ceramic tile, but I have a major problem with decision making. He has me making regular visits to the Habitat For Humanity Restore to look for “repurposed” fixtures, materials, etc… The only thing I’ve found at the Restore of any value (other than light fixtures with pink corduroy shades over the bulbs) is this lovely piece of furniture: DsquareD thinks it would look great in the basement with chains or handcuffs above it, but I think perhaps the living room…it would make a great icebreaker/conversation starter…

Gynecologist's examining table...with stirrups.