I’m Procrastinating Today…


I really need to clean out my refrigerator, but I just don’t feel like it. Yesterday evening, I went to pull out a plastic tub of lettuces to make Sassy a salad for her supper (she was over for supper because her car broke down on her way to work, she had to have it towed and I had to go pick her up and lend her my car, but that’s a whole ‘NOTHER story…), and there was gross, bloody meat juice all over the lid of the lettuce tub.

The meat juice was there because I am not a very careful person and I put the container of meat from the freezer into the fridge to thaw, but didn’t put it INSIDE anything, (like a dish or a tray) to keep the juices contained as it thawed, because when it’s frozen, you don’t ever think it’s going to leak or drip. At least I don’t. That’s part of how I roll…this lack of care and failure to think ahead or consider the consequences. It drives DsquareD up the wall!! Every night when he comes home from work, he enters the kitchen and closes drawers and cupboard doors which I’ve left open. He follows me from room to room, turning off lights I’ve left on. We’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now and his constant harping on me about these things has failed to make a dent. Sometimes I feel bad about it, but then I think “well, he loved me enough to marry me, so he must have been prepared to overlook it”…

I also trip over things, fall down a lot, occasionally scrape the side of the garage backing in or out…in fact, just two days ago, it was icy out in the morning and when DsquareD left for work, he told me I might be better off staying home instead of going to the gym to work out. I told him I’d be very careful, and that when I got up to the first roundabout, if it seemed dangerous, I’d only go to the grocery store and skip the gym. The roads were fine (although I almost fell in the slippery parking lot at the gym and had to grab the side view mirror to keep from going down) and I worked out and then got my groceries, but after unloading the groceries, while trying to maneuver the car in reverse into our EXTREMELY narrow garage, I skidded on the ice and my rear corner hit the side of the garage. Oops! I decided to forestall an after-work berating and texted DsquareD and told him what I’d done, so that he would have all day to cool off. It must have worked out pretty well because he simply laughed when he came in the door and affectionately called out “How’s my Crash Test Dummy”? I mean, all things considered, it could have been a lot worse, right?

Oh, one more thing I do that absolutely drives him crazy is that for some reason, when we’re having a meal and I use the salad dressing or the ketchup, I don’t tighten the lid down all the way after I use it. I think deep down in my subconscious, it’s because I think I may be going to use it again before the end of the meal and will just need to loosen it again and am saving myself the trouble…but you can imagine how that could cause problems when another person is sharing the meal and the condiments with you…Unfortunately, my girls seem to have inherited that particular little bad habit.

So back to my procrastinating. I’ve checked my emails 27 times, read a little, baked some really nasty gluten-free scones that were so bad I had to throw them out, took a nap, THOUGHT about practicing my violin (I’m procrastinating with THAT also), tried to find some items in my closet to take to the resale shop, THOUGHT about doing laundry, but then remembered that I did it all yesterday and the day before…I’ve gotten as far as opening the refrigerator several times and looking around but then closed it again and walked away…

I’ve considered putting off the refrigerator cleaning till the weekend, but we are closing on our new little house on Friday morning and I know that once we have the keys in our possession we are going to want to spend every spare minute over there…I have successfully procrastinated the day away and now I’m down to an hour before I have to leave to go pick DsquareD up at work and drive him to his Chiropractor appointment, and I will need part of that hour to do my hair and put on some “real” outside clothes (as opposed to pajama pants and a ratty shirt), so that kind of rules out any major cleaning projects….besides it’s supposed to get much warmer TOMORROW and since I like to put the drawers and racks outside to dry after I’ve washed them out good…maybe I’ll just wait till then…

About mugwumpsworld

I am a 50-something wife and mother of three grown kids. I figure I'm in my third act of life right now, one for which I failed to make a plan. So I'm living every day kind of by the seat of my pants, which can be exciting, but also a little disturbing. The dubious cast of characters who inhabit my world consist of: Mugwump (that's me); my sweet long-suffering redheaded husband, D-squared; my older daughter, Sissy (sometimes known as "The Queen"; my younger daughter, Sassy (aka "the Hypochondriac" or "Magellan", for reasons which you'll learn soon enough); and my stepson, Big JD. My two grandcats, Jasper & Donovan, also put in an occasional appearance, mainly for cuteness' sake.

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