New Beginnings


Guess what Dsquared and I did this week? We bought a house! The best part of the purchase is that we are paying cash for it!!! Yes, you heard me…CASH!!! That means NO mortgage…no rent…what an awesome feeling!

What’s that you ask? What kind of a house can two poor people who have lived in a van down by the river (ok, it was an apartment) buy? People who lived in a truck, for crying out loud…

The answer is…a teeny house! It’s barely 700 square feet! And there’s no garage. But it’s got a good-sized, fenced-in back yard, and it’s back in our old neighborhood. The neighborhood where Dsquared and I were both living when we met, and courted, fell in love, and married. And where we continued to live with Sissy, and Sassy, and Big JD (and Dusty,my step-dog, before she went to the big Dog Park in the sky). In fact, we lived there right up until “The Big Downsize and Aborted Move to Michigan of ’08”.

We’re excited about putting down some roots again and about the potential of the house. It needs a little work, but it’s been fun planning what we’ll do with it. For instance, if you can believe it, there are three bedrooms, which we may convert to only two. Interesting fact: The couple who lived there for 50 or 60 some years until it went on the market, raised eight children there, in a 696 square foot house with three teeny bedrooms and only one bathroom! Eight children! It’s hard for us to fathom these days, the days of privilege and entitlement, but that’s how they did things back in the day! And I’ll bet those kids are well-adjusted and know how to share!

Last night we had one of our Barnes & Noble date nights. You know what I’m talking about. You go to B&N, split a frightfully expensive Starbucks frou frou drink, sit in the comfy chairs (we had to stalk the previous sitters till they left), and read all the magazines, make lists of all the books you’re going to check out at the library, and then leave. To be fair, I usually buy at least one or two magazines or a book every time we go there. And last night was no exception. My reading matter last night consisted of magazines about “Small space decorating”, “Small houses”, “Small rooms”, and “Storage for small spaces”.  I bought two of the magazines and can’t wait to get started!

I’ll keep you posted about this as things progress. We hope to close within the next two weeks, but will probably continue living in the apartment till the lease is up at the end of May. That will give us time to do whatever work needs to be done to the house and leisurely move our things over…or get rid of them, since I doubt that we can fit all our furniture into the house. Dsquared is drooling over garage plans, I suspect that when he is finished, the garage will be much nicer than the house!

About mugwumpsworld

I am a 50-something wife and mother of three grown kids. I figure I'm in my third act of life right now, one for which I failed to make a plan. So I'm living every day kind of by the seat of my pants, which can be exciting, but also a little disturbing. The dubious cast of characters who inhabit my world consist of: Mugwump (that's me); my sweet long-suffering redheaded husband, D-squared; my older daughter, Sissy (sometimes known as "The Queen"; my younger daughter, Sassy (aka "the Hypochondriac" or "Magellan", for reasons which you'll learn soon enough); and my stepson, Big JD. My two grandcats, Jasper & Donovan, also put in an occasional appearance, mainly for cuteness' sake.

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  1. I am a tosser too! Can’t stand clutter and thoroughly clean out the closets etc every year. Sounds like I’m not sentimental but I didn’t save all the kids school stuff either. They don’t really care about that and that’s not who they are now so…de-clutter.

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